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(c) 2015-2019 North Sun Studio - Manitoba, Canada

Photos by Janine Bergamot

Other Places...

2018 - Bergamot Brings 3D Poetry to Boreal Tour

Local Interest interview by Geralyn Wichers for The Carillon newspaper.

2017 - Canada 150

Quick sweep of gallery exhibit. Show focused on historic and contemporary craft spanning cultures and mediums within a harmonious colour scheme of only red and white.

2017 - Between a Rock and an Art Place

Local Interest interview by Adriana Mingo for The Carillon newspaper.

Canadian artist Janine Bergamot's jewellery is handmade in the Hadashville area of rural southeast Manitoba.

Items are all made with nickel-free hypoallergenic metals: copper, brass, bronze, sterling silver, titanium.

A preference is given to design elements of semi-precious gems, pearls, shell, stone, bone, metal, and glass. Keep your wearable art in fine condition with easy cleaning tips and general care information.

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2016 - Meet the Vendors

Quick 3 question interview: how did you start, what inspires you, what is your favourite piece?

By Margaret Brook for Manitoba Fibre Festival.

Show & Exhibit Dates



October 27,  2019

  • Handmade Country Craft Sale: 10am to 3pm (Sunday), East Selkirk Hall, 711 Old Henderson Hwy, East Selkirk, Manitoba.


August 17,  2019

  • Maker's Market: 12pm (noon)-8pm (Saturday). Harvest Fest, Lower Fort Garry HIstoric Site,  5925 Highway 9, Saint Andrews, Manitoba.



August 3-4,  2019

  • 58th Sioux Narrows Arts Festival. Artisan show & sale: 10am-4pm (Saturday & Sunday). Sioux Narrows Curling Rink, Red Indian Rd., Sioux Narrows, Ontario.


July 13,  2019

  • Shopper's Paradise Market: 10am-4pm (Saturday). Heritage Classic Car Show, Mennonite Heritage Village, 231 Hwy 12 North, Steinbach, Manitoba.

July 1-September 2,  2019

  • Gift Boutique: Featured Artist. Exhibition and sale of selected work. Arts Community Gallery Boutique, 110 Wasagaming Dr., Wasagaming, Riding Mountain Natinal Park, Manitoba.


June 15 - July 20,  2019

  • Exhibit: Current Works. Cre8ery Member exhibition and sale of select work.  Auxiliary Gallery, Cre8ery Gallery & Studio, 2nd Floor - 125 Adelaide Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

May 4, 2019

  • Little Britain Spring Fibre Fest: 10am to 4pm (Saturday), Little Britain United Church Hall, 5879 Hwy 9, Lockport, Manitoba.


April 26-28, 2019

  • Exhibit & sale: Artfest - Unfettered & Alive. Opening reception 7pm-10pm (Friday). Display and activities 11am-5pm (Saturday), noon-3pm (Sunday). Crescent Fort Rouge United Church, 525 Wardlaw Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.



February 19, 2019

  • Exhibit: Working Landscapes. 6:30pm-9pm. Art show and sale during opening reception of Prairie Conservation and Endangered Species Conference. Wellington Room, Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre, 1808 Wellington Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

January 27, 2019

  • Frolic With Fibre: fibre crafting circle and sale. 11am to 4pm. Norwood Community Centre, 87 Walmer St., Winnipeg, Manitoba.

January 4 - February 23, 2019

  • Exhibit: For the Love of Craft. Manitoba Craft Council 2019 Member exhibition and sale of fine contemporary craft. C2 Gallery, 1-329 Cumberland Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba.